I really wanted a place to look for some very common Unix commands. This post is credited to: Frank McCown, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Computer Science Department Harding University Unix/Linux System related 1 2 3 4 5 6 uptime Show how long the system has been up uname -a Show the OS name and version hostname Shows the machine’s name ps -f -u username Lists all the processes I’m running echo $0 Shows what shell I’m using echo $path Shows my path (or any environment variable) Network related netstat List all TCP connections netstat -a List all active ports nslookup host Get IP addr for host ping host See if a host is accessible telnet domain_name 80 Use telnet to make[…]

This is the transcript of my last print publication article in C^2. The student magazine at The Art Institute International Minnesota. As graduation looms, the time for students to collect their tenure races forward. The all-night projects and hard drive back-ups must be scoured for work. Printers are estimated on the quality of ink, and the paper plant surely requires a visit. Because we are students of the creative field, we display our learning in a visually important way; the portfolio is our most important asset. It must have been 9 quarters ago. The undertow conversation of a classroom was the speed we travel through our educational experience. I was only able to dream about the proud day of graduation.[…]