Ruby’s array class has a method #sample() good for randomizing array output values. [user_1, user_2, user_3, user_4].sample #=> user_3   [user_1, user_2, user_3, user_4].sample #=> user_1 It also takes a parameter of an integer. This works especially well when grabbing random data collections for sidebars or suggested reading. # expensive call to get 10 or 20 records [user_1, user_2, user_3, user_4, user_5 …].sample(3) #=> [user_5, user_3, user_1] Now on the front end if a user selects a user we can remove it from the collection without hitting the api again filling the gap with a new user. Consider the Facebook suggested friend or ad sidebar sections. :)

When using a while loop confirm there is a break from the loop as you run methods. An infinite loop will occur otherwise. def room_service(menu) while choice != ‘breakfast’ case menu when ‘lunch’ break puts "1100-1400" when ‘dinner’ break puts "1600-2000" when ‘late-night’ break puts "2100-200" end end end :)