Ruby 2.1 introduces a change for the return value of method declarations. Previously we expected nil to be return every time we created a method. Now we can expect a symbol to be returned. I can imagine this is going to force naming to be more specific in our applications. # Ruby 2.1 >> def party >> end => :party   # Ruby 2.0 >> def party >> end => nil :)

Yesterday I went over how we can pass hashes as parameters into methods. We can then use the hash key to evaluate the value of that key. Let’s look at an example that proves we are actually reading the key and not referencing the parameter index. def total_road(miles: 2, lanes: 3) miles+lanes end   puts total_road(miles: 10, lanes: 3) #=> 13   puts total_road(cars: 1120) #=> unknown keyword: cars (ArgumentError) :)