As you may know I write a lot of Ruby in Vim. One thing I love about the editor is the ability to run my Ruby classes with leaving the editor. This can be accomplished by running the following command. :!ruby % Switching this to a leader makes it even faster, so my command is “\r”. To set a leader drop this in your ~/.vimrc map r :!ruby % :)

Note: These are not all for the command line. There are so many other tricks we learn along the way and they are seldom documented. If you know others please throw them in the comments. MySQL Tip: When you run a normal query in MySQL prompt, if your table is larger than your monitor, you get a jumbled mess of data. It is incredibly hard to read and makes for slow going. The following command replaces the common “;” with a “\G” to complete your command and displays the data in a clean vertical fashion. mysql> select * from stores where id = 1\G *************************** 1. row *************************** id: 1 company_id: 3 name: Cool Hunting verified: 0 customer_service_number: (310) 698-3333[…]

A frustrating week with textMate has proved it is simply better to control your own editor versus stick with the ideas predetermined by other programmers. I have bounced between Vim/MacVim/TextMate for about a year now. I am about to get a new Air and would really like to copy my .rc files and be good, so I spent a little time today working out some of the customizations I wanted in MacVim. Before starting this I had NERDTree and RailsVim already installed. A few of the softwares I went and picked up were: MacVim: choose-your-version Vim ColorSamplePack: download | docs Vim ScrollColor: download | docs PeepOpen: download After installing the above I added the alias to my ~/.bashrc so MacVim is simple to open.[…]