This information is split between a post and a few forum threads in the documentation at Engine Yard, yet our team doesn’t have the time to go digging and I don’t want to go digging again either in the future.

Create a tunnel connection with your terminal application. I am assuming you already have your keys set up with Engine Yard and are using the deploy user with your application.

ssh deploy@XX.XXX.XXX.XX -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa -L 3307:

What this does

“deploy” is your username at Engine Yard
“XXs” are the IP of the server you are connecting to at engine yard
“~/.ssh/id_rsa” your key. this could be any number of different names depending on the type of keys you generate
“3307:” creates the port for the remote DB 3307 locally do not use localhost

If everything is correct you should see this at your command prompt

deploy@ip-XX-XXX-XXX-XX ~$

Then open a new database with Sequel Pro.

If you don’t know your database information on Engine Yard, ie.. password, name

$ ssh
$ vim /data/yoursite/current/config/database.yml

This file has that information. Continue by filling in the Sequel pro requirements and connect.

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